Vermouth di Torino Rosso Mixology Edition

The refined ingredient to prepare classic cocktails and to invent new drinks.

The Vermouth di Torino Rosso Mixology Edition is an excellent ingredient capable of giving an extra touch of refinement to classic cocktails such as, for example, the Americano and the Negroni.

DENOMINATION: Vermouth di Torino rosso.
DESCRIPTION: aromatized wine.
INGREDIENTS: wine, sugar, alcohol, aromatic herb infusions including artemisia, china, rhubarb and gentian, aromas. Artemisia is the Pontica variety, better known as Wormwood, grown, harvested and dried strictly in Piedmont. Both Artemisia’s leaves and flowers are used to give aromatic and bitter taste to the product.
PROCESS: maceration in alcohol of the aromatic herbs. Extraction of the infusion thus obtained and subsequent blending with wine, sugar and caramel. Refining in tank.

: 16% vol.

: dark amber with shiny glints.
SCENT: intense and aromatic, with spicy hints of aromatic herbs such as artemisia wormwood, rhubarb, gentian and a surprising bitter note.
FLAVOR: full and balanced. The wine gives the structure and the right aci- dity while the sugar balances the perception of artemisia’s bitter note. Long finish and sharp tasting profile.
SERVICE SUGGESTIONS: perfect on the rocks, it is a surprising ingredient to add a touch of personality and complexity to the great classics such as, for example, Americano and Negroni.