Vermouth di Torino Bianco Mixology Edition

The refined ingredient to prepare classic cocktails and to invent new drinks.

The Torino Vermouth Bianco Mixology Edition proves to be a surprising ingredient to give an extra touch of refinement to classic cocktails such as, for example, the Negroni Bianco or an after dinner on the rocks or smooth.

DENOMINATION: Vermouth di Torino bianco.
DESCRIPTION: aromatized wine.
INGREDIENTS: wine, sugar, alcohol, aromatic herb infusions including artemisia, nutmeg, vanilla berries, myrrh and cinnamon, aromas. Artemisia is the Pontica va- riety, better known as Wormwood, grown, harvested and dried strictly in Piedmont. Both Artemisia’s leaves and flowers are used to give aromatic and bitter taste to the product.
PROCESS: maceration in alcohol of the aromatic herbs. Extraction of the infusion thus obtained and subsequent blending with wine and sugar. Refining in tank.

: 16% vol.

: gold yellow with shiny glints.
SCENT: intense and aromatic, extremely elegant. Spicy notes of aromatic herbs such as artemisia, myrrh and nutmeg stand out perfectly balanced with with notes of vanilla.
FLAVOR: full and balanced. The wine gives the structure and the right acidity while the sugar balances the perception of artemisia’s bitter note. Long finish and sharp tasting profile.
SERVICE SUGGESTIONS: perfect on the rocks, it is a surprising ingredient to give a touch of coolness to cocktails requiring body, elegance and roundness.