Asti Secco DOCG Organic Le Lucciole

The first and only Asti Secco DOCG Organic.

From the Moscato Bianco docg grapes, is borne Tosti Le Lucciole Asti Secco docg. Wine making innovation, Tosti tradition, the hills, respect for nature and its rhythms in a glass.

The moments of the farmer’s day at work in the Le Lucciole vineyards in 6 collector’s labels. At the service temperature of 4 ° c, lovely fireflies appear on the labels.

VINE: Moscato Bianco of Canelli
VINEYARD: optimal exposure towards the south with limestone terroir. Planting density is about 4500 vines per hectare with a yield of 70 Q of grapes per hectar.
HARVEST: when the grapes reach the perfect balance between acidity and aromatic expression they are harvested by hand and transported in boxes.
WINEMAKING: winery operations and winemaking process are reduced to a minimum to keep intact the natural qualities of the grapes. During the tank slow fermentation the yeasts transform the aromatic profile of the grapes, releasing the soothing aromas that make this sparkling wine so extraordinary. The special final addition of a small percentage of must as liqueur d’expedition, gives the bubbles the typical Asti Secco taste.
SENSORY PROFILE: This sparkling wine expresses an extraordinary unknown side of white Moscato personality. It summarizes in a glass enological innovation and Piedmont winemaking tradition respecting nature and its rhythms. The foam is intense and creamy. The color is yellow like the Moscato grape skin and it perfectly matches with the thick bubbles chains which bring to the nose the rich fragrances of nature. The bouquet is an intriguing blend of fruity notes like pineapple and passion fruit and citrus notes of pink grapefruit. In the end the typical Moscato note closes the olfactory experience giving the wine a strong but elegant personality. On the palate acidity, alcohol and sugar balance with harmony. An unexpected texture contrasts nicely with moderate acidity. The olfactory sensations are mirrored in the aftertaste with a very persistent finish for a unique tasting experience.

: 11% vol



2019 Mundus Vini Biofact Le lucciole Asti secco docg 86/100