I Somelieri

The I Somelieri wines were created to make the most of the great DOC and DOCG wines of Piedmont. The line has a great value for money offering everybody the chance to enjoy great wine, everyday.


Barbera d'Asti DOCG

Barbera d’Asti DOCG i Somelieri, a Piedmontese wine appreciated all over the world, obtained from a historical grape variety of the Asti zone: Barbera. Intensity, character and tradition for a red wine to enjoy with salami, sliced meats, red meats, roast meats, game and mature cheeses.

Monferrato DOC Dolcetto

Monferrato Dolcetto DOC i Somelieri encapsulates the flavours, tradition and culture of Piedmontese wine. Made with Dolcetto grapes grown in vineyards located in the Monferrato Astigiano district, the smooth flavour makes it an ideal red with meat starters and with all courses of a meal.

Monferrato DOC Freisa

A traditional grape variety of the Monferrato Astigiano district, popular throughout the whole of Piedmont, Freisa is part of the wealth and variety of Piedmont’s red grapes. Monferrato Freisa DOC i Somelieri is an intense and dry red wine, excellent with tasty dishes and with all cheeses.

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC

A classic red Piedmontese wine made with Nebbiolo grapes, grown in vineyards situated in the territory of the Province of Cuneo. Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC i Somelieri has a decisive and harmonious flavour on the palate. Excellent with consistent rice and pasta dishes, red meats and cheeses.

Piemonte DOC Chardonnay

Made with Chardonnay grapes grown in vineyards in the Province of Cuneo, Piemonte Chardonnay DOC i Somelieri is a fresh, scented white wine suitable for all occasions. Ideal with fish, shellfish and seafood, light rice and pasta dishes and mild cheeses.

Piemonte DOC Grignolino

Grignolino is one of the oldest grapes of Piedmont and is one of the most delicate and elegant wines. Piemonte Grignolino DOC i Somelieri expresses fruity perfumes and has a dry flavour. A red wine which is ideal with salami, raw meat, light main courses and medium-mature cheeses.