nuova gamma

The range of wines that holds the heart of TOSTI bollicine since ever shows out
with a renewed image and design, which highlights the personality of every
single wine and value the peculiar belly button in the bottle front, a feature
registered worldwide. On every bottle of the new TOSTI bubble wines, from the
more traditional Asti, Moscato and Brachetto d’Acqui though Brut, Prosecco to
the newest Pink Moscato, the belly button is framed between the new designed
neck and body labels, whose curved and symmetric shapes create an harmonious
The innovative tailed neck label introduces, both for the front and back of the
bottle, the new TOSTI seal, that confers higher visibility, including the date of the
company constitution and a five-stars quality mark.
All the labels are designed to communicate the wine reference together with the
TOSTI name, a closeness between trade name and product enhanced at best
with the ASTI TOSTI. A new bubble-wine line in a fresh and dynamic image, that
translates the classic into a new contemporary vision and transmits at best the
distinguishing spirit of the Canelli-based firm since 1820: innovation, creativity
and design to provide wines with a unique and distinctive image and to build up
the TOSTI awareness in Italy and worldwide.


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