The Vermouth

The original recipe of Tosti Vermouth, since 1820, meets the new global tendences. The new shape design of the bottle gathers classical with a contemporary view. The Vermouth Tosti is a flavored wine produced according to the original recipe. Italian wine, sugar, alcohol of the highest quality, herbal extracts and spices from all over the world: first of all absinthe.


Dry Vermouth

Intense, aromatic and dry, this vermouth is perfect for fresh aperitifs, cocktails and long drinks with a strong character. Have it on the rocks or straight.

Red Vermouth

Structured, spicy and bitter sweet, this red vermouth is the ideal ingredient for red cocktails and long drinks. Have it on the rocks or straight for a digestive effect.

White Vermouth

Sweet and balanced, this white vermouth has a great mixability to create many aperitifs, cocktails and long drinks. Also excellent on the rocks or straight.