Improving and re-proposing the flavours of days gone by, with full respect for typicality and tradition.
These products are the result of the meticulous revisitation of old Vermouth recipes and the rediscovery of traditional products like Marsala Fine DOC and the Americano, to which classic aromatic wines like Cremovo and San Cantuccio are added.



The Americano Gibò is a drink made with selected and fine wines, produced according to the unique and ancient family recipe. Natural, refreshing and moderately alcoholic, drink neat or with soda. It is the ideal ingredient for the preparation of classic drinks and creative cocktails.

Extra Dry

In full compliance with the classical tradition, the recipe has been improved to aromatic level. Appreciated by the most famous international bartender, the Extra Dry Vermouth Gibò is the ideal base for the preparation of low sugar content, aromatic and fruity.