It is prepared with an infusion of wine and selectedherbs such as: the cardoon (Cynara Cardunculus) and the blessed thistle (Cardus Benedictus). Cardoons have been known since a very old age. Theophrastus, Pliny and Charlemagne knew their healthy properties as they were very used in herbalism. Cardoons are very widespread in Piedmont, particularly in the territory of Langhe and Monferrato, and they are used frequently in local cuisine. Serve straight or with ice.

The properties of thistes have been known since very ancient times. Theophrastus, Pliny and Charlemagne were familiar with their many virtues through the use made
of them in herbal medicine. Common throughout Piedmont,especially in the Monferrato district and the Langhe, thistles are widely employed in the culinary arts.
With its pleasantly bitter, harmonious taste, this is a drink for all occasions, especially after a good meal.